Who we are

Our goal is to help you grasp the concept of longevity and to share our journey and tools with you.

This isn’t about adhering to strict medical boundaries or constantly declining medical indicators. Instead, it’s about being aware of the choices you make in your daily life and understanding the influence and control you can have yourself over your personal health outcomes.

Alexander is a seasoned longevity expert with a diverse background that spans from providing emergency room care to developing cutting-edge preventive strategies for organizations. With a decade of experience and an ongoing PhD focused on longevity, he’s deeply committed to using innovative approaches to help people achieve long-lasting well-being and peak vitality.

Thomas, a dynamic sports entrepreneur, helicopter pilot and owner of a chain of gyms, comes from a lineage of medical professionals that have dedicated their careers to the concept of longevity. Juggling semi-professional sports, family, and multiple business ventures, Thomas knows firsthand the demands placed on the human body. Driven by a familial legacy and a commitment to enhancing quality of life, Thomas is passionate about discovering new ways to optimize personal health through preventive measures.

Our Mission

At LNGVTY, our mission is to empower you to live not just a longer life, but a longer, healthier one. We don’t advocate for rigid routines or constant self-denial. Rather, we aim to enlighten you on the mindful choices you can make today to positively shape your health for the years to come.